I Won't Mind, EP​-​ish Release

by Skye

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released August 19, 2015



all rights reserved


Skye Hawaii

Skye frolics through and delves into in ev'ry metaphorical acre of the expansive, fruitful meadow of the creative arts. He's an amateur author, actor, artist, comedian, composer, film-maker, musician, playwright, singer-songwriter, and just plain ol' writer. He also likes drumming out rhythms on his thighs.

He doesn't really know what he's doing, but, needless to say, he's doing a lot of it.
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Track Name: I Won't Mind
I won’t mind sitting by your cradle,
Singing to you softly far into the night.
I won’t mind playing peek-a-boo for always
To see that look of wonder-- wonder and delight.

Soon they’ll be asking, “Where is Baby’s nose?
Where is Baby’s shoe?
Where is Baby’s hat?
Clever little boy,” they’ll say. “Izzy taught him that."

I won’t mind reading you a story,
Quacking like a duck, chirping like a bird.
I won’t mind when you ask me to repeat it
'Til you can say it with me, knowing ev’ry word.

You needn’t worry if there’s chocolate on your face,
Jelly on your hands,
Porridge on my shirt.
Run to me, and I’ll be there to hold you when you hurt.

They’ll say, “Uncle Izzy can’t say no,”
They’ll say, “Uncle Izzy’s spoiling you,”
They’ll say, “Uncle Izzy’s wrapped around your finger.”
I’ll say, “Yes, it’s true.”

I won’t mind knowing that your mother
Covers you with kisses, bakes your fav’rite bread.
I won’t mind when I see your father lift you
And swing you to his shoulders high above my head.

They may be busy; I can take you skating,
I can take you sledding,
Flying down the hill.
If they won’t make a snowman, Uncle Izzy will.

They say, “Uncle Izzy holds too tight,”
They say, “Uncle Izzy can’t let go,”
They say, “Uncle Izzy’s really not your uncle anyway.”
You say, “No, that isn’t so.”

In my heart, I will keep a secret,
Foolish little secret hidden from the rest.
In my dream, you’re my own, my very own,
And I blanket you withal as I hold you to my chest.

Izzy, he’s not yours.
Izzy, in his life, your part is very small.
But if one day a toy should break,
Or maybe playing patty cake,
You call me Dad by mistake,
I won’t mind at all.
Track Name: I Won't Mind (Piano Accompaniment)
Piano piano piano,
Piano piano piano pia.
No pia no piano pia
No piano pia-- No piano pi.

A no piano, "Piano pia?
Piano pia?
Piano pi a?
Piano pia," no pi. "Ano piano."

Piano piano piano,
Piano pia, no piano pi.
Ano piano piano piano
Piano piano pi, ano piano.

Piano piano piano piano,
Piano pia,
No piano pi.
Ano pi, an o pi a no piano pi.

Pia, "No piano pia no,"
Pia, "No piano piano,"
Pia, "No piano piano pi."
Pia, "No pia."

Piano piano piano
Piano piano, piano pia.
No pia no piano piano pi
An o piano pia no piano pi.

Piano pia; No piano pia
No piano pia
No piano pi.
Ano piano pi, Ano Pia no.

Pia, "No piano pia no pi,"
Ano, "Piano Piano pi,"
Ano, "Piano Piano piano piano pi."
Ano, "Pi, ano pia."

No pi a, no piano pia,
No piano piano piano pi.
A no pi, a no pi, an op i a,
No piano piano piano piano pi.

Ano, piano.
Pia, no pi a, no pi a nopi an.
O piano piano,
Piano piano pia,
No piano piano,
Piano pian.
Track Name: I Won't Mind (The 11 Takes At Once Mix)
II wwoonn’’tt mmiinndd ssiittttiinngg bbyy yyoouurr ccrraaddllee,,
SSiinnggiinngg ttoo yyoouu ssooffttllyy ffaarr iinnttoo tthhee nniigghhtt..
II wwoonn’’tt mmiinndd ppllaayyiinngg ppeeeekk-aa-bboooo ffoorr aallwwaayyss
TToo sseeee tthhaatt llooookk ooff wwoonnddeerr---- wwoonnddeerr aanndd ddeelliigghhtt..

SSoooonn tthheeyy’’llll bbee aasskkiinngg,, ““WWhheerree iiss BBaabbyy’’ss nnoossee?
WWhheerree iiss BBaabbyy’’ss sshhooee?
WWhheerree iiss BBaabbyy’’ss hhaatt?
CClleevveerr lliittttllee bbooyy,,”” tthheeyy’’llll ssaayy.. ““IIzzzzyy ttaauugghhtt hhiimm tthhaatt..""

II wwoonn’’tt mmiinndd rreeaaddiinngg yyoouu aa ssttoorryy,,
QQuuaacckkiinngg lliikkee aa dduucckk,, cchhiirrppiinngg lliikkee aa bbiirrdd..
II wwoonn’’tt mmiinndd wwhheenn yyoouu aasskk mmee ttoo rreeppeeaatt iitt
''TTiill yyoouu ccaann ssaayy iitt wwiitthh mmee,, kknnoowwiinngg eevv’’rryy wwoorrdd..

YYoouu nneeeeddnn’’tt wwoorrrryy iiff tthheerree’’ss cchhooccoollaattee oonn yyoouurr ffaaccee,,
JJeellllyy oonn yyoouurr hhaannddss,,
PPoorrrriiddggee oonn mmyy sshhiirrtt..
RRuunn ttoo mmee,, aanndd II’’llll bbee tthheerree ttoo hhoolldd yyoouu wwhheenn yyoouu hhuurrtt..

TThheeyy’’llll ssaayy,, ““UUnnccllee IIzzzzyy ccaann’’tt ssaayy nnoo,,””
TThheeyy’’llll ssaayy,, ““UUnnccllee IIzzzzyy’’ss ssppooiilliinngg yyoouu,,””
TThheeyy’’llll ssaayy,, ““UUnnccllee IIzzzzyy’’ss wwrraappppeedd aarroouunndd yyoouurr ffiinnggeerr..””
II’’llll ssaayy,, ““YYeess,, iitt’’ss ttrruuee..””

II wwoonn’’tt mmiinndd kknnoowwiinngg tthhaatt yyoouurr mmootthheerr
CCoovveerrss yyoouu wwiitthh kkiisssseess,, bbaakkeess yyoouurr ffaavv’’rriittee bbrreeaadd..
II wwoonn’’tt mmiinndd wwhheenn II sseeee yyoouurr ffaatthheerr lliifftt yyoouu
AAnndd sswwiinngg yyoouu ttoo hhiiss sshhoouullddeerrss hhiigghh aabboovvee mmyy hheeaadd..

TThheeyy mmaayy bbee bbuussyy;; II ccaann ttaakkee yyoouu sskkaattiinngg,,
II ccaann ttaakkee yyoouu sslleeddddiinngg,,
FFllyyiinngg ddoowwnn tthhee hhiillll..
IIff tthheeyy wwoonn’’tt mmaakkee aa ssnnoowwmmaann,, UUnnccllee IIzzzzyy wwiillll..

TThheeyy ssaayy,, ““UUnnccllee IIzzzzyy hhoollddss ttoooo ttiigghhtt,,””
TThheeyy ssaayy,, ““UUnnccllee IIzzzzyy ccaann’’tt lleett ggoo,,””
TThheeyy ssaayy,, ““UUnnccllee IIzzzzyy’’ss rreeaallllyy nnoott yyoouurr uunnccllee aannyywwaayy..””
YYoouu ssaayy,, ““NNoo,, tthhaatt iissnn’’tt ssoo..””

IInn mmyy hheeaarrtt,, II wwiillll kkeeeepp aa sseeccrreett,,
FFoooolliisshh lliittttllee sseeccrreett hhiiddddeenn ffrroomm tthhee rreesstt..
IInn mmyy ddrreeaamm,, yyoouu’’rree mmyy oowwnn,, mmyy vveerryy oowwnn,,
AAnndd II bbllaannkkeett yyoouu wwiitthhaall aass II hhoolldd yyoouu ttoo mmyy cchheesstt..

IIzzzzyy,, hhee’’ss nnoott yyoouurrss..
IIzzzzyy,, iinn hhiiss lliiffee,, yyoouurr ppaarrtt iiss vveerryy ssmmaallll..
BBuutt iiff oonnee ddaayy aa ttooyy sshhoouulldd bbrreeaakk,,
OOrr mmaayybbee ppllaayyiinngg ppaattttyy ccaakkee,,
YYoouu ccaallll mmee DDaadd bbyy mmiissttaakkee,,
II wwoonn’’tt mmiinndd aatt aallll..