Moonlit Bay, EP​-​ish Release

by Skye

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If you know who's on the album cover, you win the prize of self-validating knowledge.


released May 5, 2012

Mentioned in the songs!



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Skye Hawaii

Skye frolics through and delves into in ev'ry metaphorical acre of the expansive, fruitful meadow of the creative arts. He's an amateur author, actor, artist, comedian, composer, film-maker, musician, playwright, singer-songwriter, and just plain ol' writer. He also likes drumming out rhythms on his thighs.

He doesn't really know what he's doing, but, needless to say, he's doing a lot of it.
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Track Name: Moonlit Bay
We were sailing along
on Moonlight Bay!
I enjoy sailing along with you--long. (Don't tell me--me.)
Al[ong]--don't--al. (My!)
Olga and me,
Not nearly so much as I enjoy (very good) sailing along with you.
For you... (I--)
(Happy--) Cause' if you--Moonlight Bay!
(Me--) Song I know-- on this moonlit bay (hanging around with--) with you.
Olga and st[arted]--
Actually, Olga--
Let me get this--very good. (Ol--) Very good.
Little s[is]. (We were s--)
Olga--[Bons]wa, (And--) baby sister!
Cause' if you (I--) [Cau]se i[f]-- song I know. (Me--) Bay!
(Oh my!) Be brave, little one.
([Doe]s it?) We were sailing along
on Moonlight Bay!
Be brave, little one.
Track Name: Moonlit Bay (Instrumental)
This is an instrumental track. DOY!