Pay Attention, EP​-​ish Release

by Skye

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... yeah, yeah, yeah, I know, finish Great Scott. LOOK AT THIS! *squeals*


released January 5, 2013
The video:

I can't believe that I was given the opportunity to do this for Kurt. I still can't! And I went to sleep deliriously thinking the last four months of production on this were an elaborate dream I constructed after watching Shuffle. *cracks up* I can't even begin to say how absolutely grateful I am for his patient, empathetic, constructive criticism of me. He made this video so much better! (He fine-tuned many of the musical elements in the middle, came up with the idea of using the colour version for the frames, and the multiple frames projection in the second half of the video!... WOW!!) I'm unspeakably lucky that Mr. Kuenne is both a gentleman and a scholar... and is so receptive of those who watch his films. His heartfelt, inspiring work is truly reflected in who he is, and vice versa.

Shuffle and absolutely everything about Shuffle © Kurt Robert Kuenne
Huge thank you to everyone in the family and Amanda for watching version after version, as per usual-- and helping me to figure out which direction the light was coming from for the shadows in the screens.
And... a tourist-attraction monumental thank you to Kurt Kuenne. Duh-doy.



all rights reserved


Skye Hawaii

Skye frolics through and delves into in ev'ry metaphorical acre of the expansive, fruitful meadow of the creative arts. He's an amateur author, actor, artist, comedian, composer, film-maker, musician, playwright, singer-songwriter, and just plain ol' writer. He also likes drumming out rhythms on his thighs.

He doesn't really know what he's doing, but, needless to say, he's doing a lot of it.
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Track Name: Pay Attention
Saw--wonder what he saw--
Saw the world--[d]ay--
Covered the walls of my bedroom my entire life.
(Better.) Entire life. (They are.) Entire life. (They are.)
Sometime--happy. (Saw the world.) Lovell...
(Reason is... 3x) [T]ime... Milo... Lovell... --ime...
Is he--happy?
Fall asleep.

I thought I lost him -- thought I--
Is he?... sleep... Lovell...
Just pay attention.

Pay a--... (3x)
Just... just... just pay attention.
Pay attention.
Pay attention.
Pay attention?...
Pay attention.
I look...
Lovell. (Lovell.) Lovell...
Morning, dummy...
Pay attention.


Mental journal entry number one.
Here by mistake. (Ready...) --[im]port[ant]...
Ers... ah--what's going--or the lack--
He's involved... (Here by mis...)
(Get up.) Grace?
Get up.
L-lov-ell. (What do you think...?)

Fall in love...
How does (3x)
Why don't you go--fore your eyes
And one day...
That they used... well, this--
Or if you're capable of appreciating them--
That they used... (Baby, look at me...)
Really... (A lot)--fore your eyes.

Pay attention...

See this?...
Bring someone--some day soon--
Tell Grace--he knows.
Well, well, well-- (Hey, fish!)
Do you use--today?
I wanna see you happy...
And I love you, dummy.
Track Name: Pay Attention (Instrumental)
This is an instrumental track.