Wisdom Teeth the Musical, EP​-​ish Release

by Skye

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released August 15, 2013



all rights reserved


Skye Hawaii

Skye frolics through and delves into in ev'ry metaphorical acre of the expansive, fruitful meadow of the creative arts. He's an amateur author, actor, artist, comedian, composer, film-maker, musician, playwright, singer-songwriter, and just plain ol' writer. He also likes drumming out rhythms on his thighs.

He doesn't really know what he's doing, but, needless to say, he's doing a lot of it.
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Track Name: Wisdom Teeth the Musical: Act 1 - How Do You Feel?
I feel
Like I'm going to die.
I'm going to die.
I'm gonna die today.
I am going to die. (He is going to die.)
I'm going to die. (He's going to die.)
I'm gonna die today. (He's gonna die today.)

I got my other wisdom teeth out today.
I gotta say,
I'm afraid of hypodermic needles.
For the last nineteen years,
I've avoided ... fine pain and tears,
Opting for no numbing
And no sleeping gas slumb'ring,

Because drills I can manage.
But not in this case!
So I had to face my fear
And take a great big taste
Of sterilized metal in my gums,
And then I went numb,
And I thought it was done,
But suddenly,
On the right side,
As my eyes grew wide,
I felt the urge to complain
In a surge of pain.


Now I know my sinuses and my soft palette merge,
Resulting in the surge,
Antithesis of anesthetic,
Or maybe I'm a little bit pathetic.
But at least this time,
My tongue isn't swollen,
And the hole in
My mouth is sutured nice.
Suffice to say,
At a future date,

I'm not going to die. (He's not going to die.)
Not going to die.
I just really feel like I'm...
Going to die,
I'm going to die... (He's not going to die.)
But my mouth will heal in five months or less...
Track Name: Wisdom Teeth the Musical: Intermission
But he didn't go die
He didn't go die-heeeee!
And here's what happened next.
Track Name: Wisdom Teeth the Musical: Act 2 - In Which Skye Receives a Letter
Dear Skye,
You were an excellent patient.
We hope you had a pleasant recovery.
... Unreadable doctor calligraphy.
Track Name: Wisdom Teeth the Musical: Act 1 - Instrumental
This is an instrumental track.
Track Name: Wisdom Teeth the Musical: Act 2 - Instrumental
This is an instrumental track.