Hue Inspire Me - Eileen Mary Remix

by Skye

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Hi. This track was, for the greater portion of its shelf life, entitled "The CBAs". Don't get it? CBA stands for "Can't Be All", which is the primary mantra in the chorus. As well as being ABC backwards. So. This is like the... alphabet backwards. And the song features a LOT of backwards effects. So. All of that made sense. But apparently was overly involved. Therefore, with the help of Sara and Mom, this new title happened! Perfect compromise. I will not explain it further.

So-- the way the actual SONG got made was through the comments section. I know-- shocker. Nothing good ever happens there. But I got a truly brilliant and heartfelt string of comments from Elmahka/Eileen, and I always associate quality videos with quality comments. So. I was proven right when I listened to Silhouette and got totally blown away. I won't talk any further about it because my reaction is documented on the comment page itself:

And then I just had to do something with it. Immediately. And after a 24 hour period and a rather creatively percolating bus ride, I got to work. ... during class. But that's beside the point.

And the timing of this song was positioned RIGHT during the biggest portion of the planning of my trip to finally go meet my significantly special starry-eyed someone, Amanda! A big turning point in my very existence. And so-- I used this song's mantra to inspire me onward to greater, grander successes and smiles down this freshly-trodden metaphorical road... It worked, by the way. And so I recorded myself dancing to the song all throughout the most visually-stimulating areas of my trip. And then I decided that my dancing just wasn't cutting it for this and finally had the chance to ask Mr. Maelthorn1337 (a TRULY brilliant dancer/performer) to collaborate with me. His channel here: And with a little time, it all fell together--like everything does when you've got a little magic and music on your side.


All ([Somebod]y write)
This can't be all...

-E all a-a-a-a-[l]o[st] (Better and better and) ([Some]body write)
-O goes. (Pirouette.) ([charismat]i[c])

Feel (Charm)
I can feel ([Charismat]ic charm--matic charm)
I can feel--[st]ar... i[t]
I can feel [st]ar (I[n]-i) ([Los]t i[t]…)
This can't be all (I can feel [st]ar) (round and--nd)
This can't be-- (--y write--[f]ee[l]--ar--y write me.) (If you--[a]nd if you--nd if you--and if you)

And better and if you--nd if you--nd if you--and if you. (a[ll])
And better and if you--nd if you--nd if you--and if you. ([l]o[st]) (a[ll])

Now let's go round and… round. (We lost it) (Hell and well--and well--)
Lie-- (Gonna) [r]ound-- body-- [tomor]row's-- (aaaa[ll]) (We lo--… it…) (--ll and well--nd… well.)
To the very-- very-- (better and) (this can't)
No. A s[tar] -- a s--
No. Better and-- [s]ay-- a star. (a-all)

[W]eep and so goes. (Now let's go round and-- [f]eel… round.) (Won't y[ou]…)
--Eel… (Too far and I know) (Round.) (Matic charm… his...)
This can't be--

And better and if you--nd if you--nd if you--and if you. ([l]o[st])
Won't you dance with me? ([Pirou]e[tte]) Watch me pirouette? (And better and if you--nd if you--nd if you--and if you.)

I can feel--ar (Hey, mist[er])
Rou[nd]-- (I can feel--ar) (i-it...)
The media never -- ROU[ND]-[DN]UOR (I can feel--ar) (Hey-- this ca--ac)
Media -- we-ell... This can't be… (be…) (--y write--[f]ee[l]--ar--y write.) (i[n]--i…)

All… (Can't be a-all.) (Hell and well--and…) (Round… lie) (We)
Won't y[ou]… (Round) ([F]ee[l]--ee)
This can't be all… (Can't be a-all.) (Hell and well--and…) (Round… lie)
Won't y[ou]… (Round) (Ee-ee)
This can't be-- (Matic)

All. (Charms… ic charms…)
This can't be… a-a-a-all… (Ic charms… ic charms…)
Millions of- a-a-a-all (a-a-a-all…) (Media never -- round.) (Ic charms… ic charms…)
A-a-a… a-all…
I can feel. ([W]e… e… e… e…)


released October 5, 2013
Sampled from Silhouette (Original Song) - Eileen Mary (vocals and piano)



all rights reserved


Skye Hawaii

Skye frolics through and delves into in ev'ry metaphorical acre of the expansive, fruitful meadow of the creative arts. He's an amateur author, actor, artist, comedian, composer, film-maker, musician, playwright, singer-songwriter, and just plain ol' writer. He also likes drumming out rhythms on his thighs.

He doesn't really know what he's doing, but, needless to say, he's doing a lot of it.
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